For Trump, challenge of governing with Dem House, but full speed ahead with GOP Senate

“So look for Trump to pursue an even more Senate-focused strategy. A continued string of judicial confirmations, coupled with executive actions that do not require congressional approval, could give the president more accomplishments even if he cannot pass legislation.”

(Byron York – Washington Examiner)  It took a while for President Trump to get used to working with the Republican-led Congress, but he developed a style of dealing with lawmakers that led to the passage of tax reform and a number of smaller measures.

Now, though, with Democrats winning control of the House, Trump faces the challenge of working with an empowered opposition whose leaders are motivated by intense animus toward the president — and who will have the ability to stop any Trump legislative initiatives cold. On the other hand, with the Republicans keeping and strengthening control of the Senate, Trump will be able to continue what has been the single most important accomplishment that has bonded him not just with his base but with the Republican establishment that remains cool to him: judicial appointments.

In the runup to the midterms, when Trump adopted a Senate-focused campaign strategy, some left-leaning commentators suggested that Trump was desperate to keep the Senate because he knew it would be the jury that could acquit him if he is impeached by the House. But the fact is, if impeachment happened, Trump could easily be acquitted by a Democratic-controlled Senate, just as Bill Clinton was acquitted by a Republican-led Senate. A much bigger factor is this: Trump needs the Senate to stay in Republican hands to keep his extraordinary line of judicial confirmations going. And now he has it.  View article →