‘Boy Erased’ Movie Foments Anti-Christian Bigotry

Boy Erased depicts a residential treatment program for males struggling with “gay” attractions. In the film, a young man is beaten with a Bible. There’s shaming and yelling. Alleging that “God won’t love you” unless homosexuality stops instantly in this young man’s life.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission:America)  Hooray for Hollywood! The cinematic dream masters are powerfully adept at making fantasy seem real. We get flying super heroes, cosmic meteor strikes, even an Emerald City.

And now, another fable–a tale of mean Christians forcing a boy to be un-“gay.”

In the dream worlds of “LGBT” activists and their Tinsel Town allies, Christians who help people struggling with same sex attractions actually use methods of coercion, intimidation and physical torture—or so they apparently imagine.

They hope, hope, hope it’s like this or kind of like this, so the film Boy Erased won’t go down in flames as another ridiculous leftist fraud.

Boy Erased claims to be a memoir about actual events. I and others doubt that what is portrayed in this film ever happened, in Tennessee or anywhere. We continue to wait for those who might know to confirm or deny these allegations of terrible abuse.

Unfortunately for the producers, this film will make history—as a vehemently Christian-bashing, deceptive, unjust portrayal of what actually does happen when people are quietly and sensitively counseled about unwanted homosexual feelings. Quite often, those feelings are the rotten fruit of sexual molestation.

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