Megachurch pastor tells church to stop going to yoga, because of its ‘demonic roots’

Not surprisingly, the pastor who rightly stated that yoga has demonic roots, therefore it shouldn’t be practiced by Christians has been accused of being “ignorant,” “divisive” and inciting “hate speech.” Reporter Alissa Zhu interviewed a “Christian yogi” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) who claims the practice has brought him closer to God, in spite of the fact that participating in any sort of pagan practice is expressly forbidden by the God of the Bible. Zhu also interviewed Stephanie Wubbena who teaches goat yoga on a farm. Wubbena said her main concern was that the pastor’s message is “going after small businesses.”

After reading the story, return to CRN and discover why the pastor felt it was necessary to warn his congregants that practicing yoga can be spiritually harmful to Christians in a piece entitled Going Against God “Just for Fun.”

Now to Alissa Zhu’s story over at Springfield News-Leader. She writes:

A pastor of an Assemblies of God megachurch recently took aim at yoga, saying it has “demonic roots” and warning Christians to avoid the popular activity.

Pastor John Lindell told the attendees of James River Church in Ozark, Missouri — which has a congregation of about 10,500, according to a 2016 report — that the positions in yoga were “created with demonic intent to open you up to demonic power because Hinduism is demonic.”

Members of nearby Springfield’s yoga community are now speaking out.

A Christian yogi says his practice has brought him closer to God and wants others to know that it’s possible to do sun salutations while following Christ. One owner of a yoga studio said she’s worried that small local businesses are being hurt. An instructor, feeling on edge after a shooting at a Florida yoga studio Nov. 2, can’t shake a fear that someone might take the church’s anti-yoga message too far.

They are taking a stand against the sermon’s message, which they say is “ignorant” and divisive, in a time when unity is needed.

“Yoga transcends religion,” said Reggie Harris, who also said five years of yoga has transformed his life. “Yoga brings people together in a heart of unity and love. You’re teaching people to hate something that may help them physically, emotionally, spiritually.” View article →


Going Against God “Just for Fun.”

Christian yoga?

This news story by Alissa Zhu is posted for informational and research purposes and is not in any way intended as an endorsement of John Lindell, pastor of James River Church.