Tullian Tchividjian Back in the Pulpit at ‘Leave A Mark Church,’ Columbus Ohio

“By a quick survey of the facts,Tchividjian is a serial adulterer, serial marrier, and practical antinomian who is still under the discipline of his presbytery. That will not stop him from taking the pulpit of a Columbus church [November 17 & 18th].” 

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham who has been forced into resignation in two ministry positions for repeated extra-marital affairs, finds himself back in the pulpit today and tomorrow at “Leave A Mark Church” in Columbus, Ohio.

Tchividjian once pastored D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church but was defrocked by the Presbyterian Church of America after he was found to have engaged in at least one extra-marital affair. Tchividjian filed for divorce from his wife, and partially blamed her for his wicked behavior and the rough aftermath of its fallout. The presbytery found that Tchividjian was “unfit for Christian ministry,” but laid out a path for his eventual restoration. He has notmet the requirements of restoration. He moved on to fill a staff position at Willow Creek PCA in South Florida, only to again confess to another extra-marital affair. At least one of Tchividjian’s sexual partners has claimed it was a case of clergy sexual abuse. Tchividjian then married a strange woman and began to rebrand himself as a minister “to the broken,” preaching a sermonabout his own “redemption.”

Aside from his sexual escapades while in the pulpit, Tchividjian has adopted a theology to suit his sin. Growing increasingly antinomian,many had begun to warn the world of his changing doctrinal viewseven before news of his affairs became public. His views of God’s law, in particular, have been in constant flux, as he’s denied the abiding validity of God’s Moral Law and promoted a gospel with little call to holiness or the mortification of sin. Most recently, Pulpit & Pen has covered Tchividjian claiming the Gospel is “immoral.”   View article →


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