Brian Houston awarded honorary doctorate while still under police investigation

“While the legal noose is tightening around Brian Houston’s neck and the media reports have been damning in recent weeks, this smoke-screen of self-aggrandizing, self-congratulating sideshow is attempting to make it appear that all is well with Brian Houston and Hillsong Church.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  While investigators are closing in on Brian Houston for Hillsong’s cover-up of their pedophilia scandal, and as Houston blamed the victim for “tempting” the perpetrator, he has awarded himself an honorary doctorate degree. 

The Hillsong Church Facebook page posted only hours ago photographs of Brian Houston receiving an honorary degree from Alphacrucis College.

The photo opportunity and ceremony may momentarily take the spotlight off of Australia’s largest evangelical “church” and one of the quickest growing religious organizations in the world. A closer introspection, however, demonstrates that the publicity stunt is no more real or accurate than Brian Houston’s sworn testimony to the Royal Commission on child sex abuse.

While another individual handed the honorary doctorate to Houston, it was really Brian Houston himself that is responsible for being bequeathed such an honor…ultimately by himself or at least by institutions Hillsong is in partnership with.  View article →


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