Popular CCM Artist Lauren Daigle: ‘I Can’t Say One Way or the Other’ If Homosexuality Is Sin, ‘I’m Not God’

Joel Osteen, who is more of a life coach than a pastor, is mentioned in the Christian News article. Heather Clark reveals that a few years ago Osteen caused concern when he was asked by the Huffington Post whether God accepts homosexuals. Here’s the so-called pastor’s response: “The Scripture teaches the way people are going to know His disciples is for our love for one another, and so, I’m not preaching hate [or] pushing people down. I’m not here to tell everybody what they’re doing wrong.”  Joel Osteen is also not here to teach what the Holy Spirit inspired, infallible Word of God says about homosexuality, that it’s sinful!

Following in Joel Osteen’s footsteps, “Christian” entertainer Lauren Daigle said during an interview that she doesn’t know if homosexuality is a sin. Clearly, Daigle doesn’t read the Bible, because if she read it she’d know the answer to the question is yes, homosexuality is a sin against God. Christian News has the story:

Popular contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist Lauren Daigle said this week on the “Domenick Nati Show” that she can’t answer whether homosexuality is a sin because there are people that she loves that are homosexual and she is not God. She noted that people should read the Bible to find out for themselves, and let her know what they learn.

“Do you feel that homosexuality is a sin?” Nati, whose broadcast is aired on iHeart Radio, asked forthrightly.

“You know, I can’t honestly answer on that, in the sense of I have too many people that I love—that they are homosexuals,” Daigle, known for the hits “How Can It Be” and “You Say,” told the celebrity publicist.

“I don’t know. I actually had a conversation with someone last night about it. I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not God,” she continued. “So, when people ask questions like that, that’s what my go to is. Like, I just say, ‘Read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out, let me know because I’m learning too.’”

The two also discussed criticism Daigle recently received for appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“For me, it was really sad that their outlook would be, ‘Oh, because Ellen’s gay, she’s bad.’ That’s sad. It’s so sad,” Daigle opined. “What people don’t realize is I went to Ellen and she is just a bundle of light. She is so joyful. She was so kind.”

She said that DeGeneres encouraged her “that she has what it takes to be a history maker in this world,” and advised not to burn herself out. View article →


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