Candy Canes, Truthful Pronouns and Jesus: Fears that Torment the Left

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31), which is the probable destiny (unless they repent) of these proud unbelievers; or the Christ-avoiding, spell-casting witches; or the intentionally hateful and defamatory Southern Poverty Law Center.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  You’ve heard of “FOMO”— fear of missing out? It’s the driver of much social media traffic as the perennially insecure seek constant connection and validation.

Well, look out for a new acronym applied to hard leftists: “FOCC.”

Fear of candy canes.

Yes, the principal of a Nebraska school dug deep to unearth an emerging year-end phobia—the anxiety caused by red and white “J” shaped candy. And it’s not just children. School grown-ups (or so they call themselves) are terrified, too. The “J” may be an actual cane or it may stand for Jesus, a really frightening prospect for those who are far from Him—or who want children to remain so.

From truthful pronouns to wise men, from Christ-centered Christmas songs to nativity scenes, the left’s list of least favorite things is growing longer by the day.

And the tactics to shut them all down are becoming more arbitrary and fascist.

The weather outside is frightful indeed. Witches have started casting spells publicly, their terror is so intense. From hexing Donald Trump, to curses on Brett Kavanaugh, to pentagrams tossed toward pro-life demonstrators at abortion clinics, pagan women seek to place spiritual binders on the people and ideas that make them tremble.

Babies are particularly terrifying to abortion-loving progressives.

Hard feminists are panicking about rape during the Christmas season. So it’s time to ban the 1940’s favorite, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” since it obviously reflects the predatory instincts of virtually all men, and causes otherwise perfectly stable women to freak out.

And do truthful male and female pronouns strike fear into your heart? Then you should become Twitter followers of the entire school board of West Point (VA) High School.

They just fired a teacher who slipped up and called a girl student by her biologically authentic pronoun. How scary! View article →


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