The Terrorism of Trans Tyranny

“The number of children identifying as transgender is on the rise. Referrals to the NHS’s Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service have increased by an astonishing 2,500 per cent in the past nine years. Psychotherapist Bob Withers is concerned that large numbers of children are being transitioned unnecessarily, and that discussion of this phenomenon is being closed down by trans activists….”

(Bill Muehlenberg – Culture Watch) Hot on the heels of the homosexual assault on everything is the non-stop trans war on everything. The trans militants have declared war on children, on family, on society, on sexuality, on biology, and on reality. Have I left anything out? Just as countless individuals have suffered from the radical homosexual agenda, so too with the trans tyrants.

Every day we find more horrific examples of this, with no letup in sight. Let me offer five more recent cases of this occurring, and then conclude with some commentary. I begin with an alarming case in Virginia where a teacher who has sided with reality has lost his job last week. The story opens:

Tonight, after an open hearing lasting more than 5 hours before the West Point School Board, Peter Vlaming was fired from his job. The five member school board, without comment, rubber-stamped the superintendent’s recommendation that he be terminated. What did this beloved High School French teacher of seven years do to warrant this decision?

He dared to stand on his deeply-held convictions by not complying with the school administration’s directive that he refer to a female student by male pronouns. It’s unfortunate that those who demand tolerance the loudest want to punish anyone who does not conform. The West Point School Board has introduced a brand new ideology about human nature and insisted that Mr. Vlaming embrace it by setting aside his deeply held – and constitutionally protected – faith.

While Mr. Vlaming was willing to use the student’s preferred name and avoid referring to the student with female pronouns, that did not satisfy the school administration, who told him that he MUST affirmatively use male pronouns for the female student. View article →


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