Drag Performance In Luther Seminary’s Chapel

“[T]he ELCA is doing the work of Satan by encouraging sin and not helping people turn from these destructive lifestyles and desires.” 

(Dan Skogen – Exposing the ELCA)  Do you think God approves of a man, dressed in drag, “singing” a provocative song in a chapel, on the chancel, next to the altar? Well, that is exactly what happened recently at an ELCA seminary chapel, a school charged with raising up pastors who will be shepherds to ELCA members. The school is Luther Seminary, a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in St. Paul, MN.

Luther Seminary is the largest pastor-producing seminary in the ELCA. ​

Below is Anders Nelson, the seminary student who was allowed to give this drag performance, who will soon be ordained in the ELCA, and his Facebook posts about the event.

​Why is this allowed? It is because the ELCA has turned its back on God’s Word. They walk in opposition to it. The liberal elites in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have taken over the synods, churchwide offices in Chicago, colleges and seminaries. They are producing clones of themselves: people who think, act, speak, and believe as they do. This is a problem. And when it happens in seminaries, the problem is exacerbated. Students become pastors who disseminate throughout the United States to lead and preach to congregations, passing on to them what they were taught. This is a past, present and future problem, and it is getting worse every year.    View article →