Boy Scouts Lost 425,000 Boys One Week After ‘Gender Neutral’ Name Change

One week after the century-old Boy Scouts of America announced its name was becoming “gender fluid,” its single biggest participant announced that it was cutting ties to the Scouts.

(Jay Greenberg – Neon Nettle)  Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Boy Scouts of America, the 108-year-old organization synonymous with traditional American values, is on the verge of bankruptcy.

A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that a Chicago law firm, Sidley Austin, has been appointed to handle Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Reports of sinking membership have coincided with various controversies surrounding the organization, including the decision to change its name from Boy Scouts to the more “gender natural” Scouts BSA in a bid to encourage girls and transgenders to sign up as members.

BSA revealed that the name change is scheduled to come into effect in February 2019, yet membership figures show that one week after they announced the switch on May 2, 2018, 425,000 boys rescinded their membership.

The organization, which has deep roots in American tradition spanning generations, bowed to pressure insisting it become more “gender inclusive.”

However, due to the recent news about their membership numbers and bankruptcy filings, it seems as though the Boy Scouts will be gone before they transition to their new name.    View article →


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