‘Shout Your Abortion’ Founder Talks to Children About Abortion, Claims ‘It’s All Part of God’s Plan’

“I could not finish watching this  It broke my heart. These children were used as pawns to promote an agenda. As many … have said, let’s also have a conversation with someone who regrets their abortion. I know from personal experience that most women do regret their choice.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A video that has been denounced as “brainwashing,” entitled “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” was posted to social media on Friday. It features “Shout Your Abortion” movement founder Amelia Bonow asking youth questions about abortion and opining to one young boy that she believes it is “all part of God’s plan.”

In the video, which has received over 400K views as of press time, Bonow explains that she became pregnant a few years ago and “really didn’t want to have a baby,” so she decided without reservation to obtain an abortion.

Two young girls ask Bonow what happens when one has an abortion.

“You go to the doctor, and they put this little straw inside of your cervix, and then inside of your uterus, and then they just suck the pregnancy out,” she replies. “And it was like a cr*ppy dentist appointment or something. It was just like, ‘This is a body thing that’s kind of uncomfortable,’ but then it was over, and I felt really just grateful that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

Bonow also inquires of a young boy if he believes that there are situations in which it is not right to have an abortion.

“I want to say if, like, you are being reckless [or] if there’s nothing wrong going on,” he replies.

“Do we want people to just have all those babies?” Bonow asks, disagreeing.

“No,” the boy answers.

“So what do we do with them?” she questions.

“Put them up for adoption,” the boy states.  View article →


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