True Religion And Progressivism Cannot Co-Exist

“The worldview of the Left fills that space handily. Hence, a secular Leftist is not actually secular at all. That person’s original faith is just supplanted by another. Progressivism becomes the main value system of the person, even if they technically are a Jew or a Christian by birth.”

(Jeremy Frankel – Daily Wire)  Why is it that the more secular a culture becomes, the more progressive it becomes as well?

In most religions in the United States, progressivism, otherwise known as Leftism, is pervasive in the secular factions. As a Jew, I always find myself intrigued at the political leanings within my own community. …

Hillary Clinton won the Jewish vote over Donald Trump overwhelmingly, 70-25%. However, if the percentages in the Jewish community are broken down by faction, we can see an entirely different picture. In the Orthodox Jewish community, which is the most religious of the sects, Trump beat Clinton handily, 54-13%. A stark contrast was witnessed among Reform Jews, the least observant sect of Jewry, where Clinton won 78-10%.

But it is not just Judaism that presents this phenomenon. Religion, in general, tends to correlate with political affiliation. A Gallup poll conducted in 2014 supports this hypothesis — the more religious voters lean conservative, while non-religious and secular voters lean more liberal.

The clear question is, why? What do secularism and progressivism have to do with one another?  View article →


Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”