Mattis, Kelly marched to the establishment beat. Trump was right to fire them

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“What is it with these generals? Imagine their reaction if someone under their command behaved like they did with President Trump. This is not about having yes men around. In business, there’s a saying: “Disagree and commit.” It means that everyone should speak up before a decision is made. But once the boss has decided, you all get behind it to make it happen. … With these generals, it was less disagree and commit than disagree and resist.”

(Steve Hilton – Fox News video & transcript)  The new year began as the old year ended – with the establishment up in arms over generals leaving the Trump administration. How would the world survive the departures of John Kelly and James Mattis?

“Today has just been a cascade of what would be generally seen as absolutely apocalyptic news in any other presidency…Let’s start tonight with the resignation of the Secretary of Defense James Mattis,” Rachel Maddow lamented.

“Apocalyptic.” Forget about war or disease or poverty. The apocalypse is when America’s elected president is no longer supervised by the unelected ruling establishment. They even gave it a name –  the “Committee to Save America.” It included not just the military’s Mattis and Kelly, but Exxon’s Rex Tillerson and Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn.

The Committee to Save America. Have you ever heard anything more smug, more pompous but — most importantly — more anti-democratic? Because it turns out that the Committee to Save America was really the Committee to Save the American Establishment. Its aim was to stop the president from delivering populist election promises.

On trade, Trump promised to “renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal to get a much better one for our workers and our companies.” He also said, “fixing our trade deals will be the foundation of our economic revival.” This is what Americans voted for.  View article →