Parents beware: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria a social contagion among girls

“The weight of support for subjecting healthy young women to experimental medical procedures that will render them infertile and may permanently damage them in other ways is crushing for parents who want to save their daughters.”

(Dorothy Cummings McLean – LifeSiteNews)  A new social contagion, called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, is making families miserable as previously contented girls attempt to become boys through hormones and surgery.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by journalist Abigail Shrier detailing the challenges of parents whose high-achieving teenage or college-age daughters – girls who had never before shown gender confusion – suddenly decided to take on new male personae via new names, men’s clothing, testosterone, facial surgery, and double mastectomies.

For her article, entitled “When Your Daughter Defies Biology,” Shrier interviewed 18 parents, 14 of them mothers, who were aghast at their daughters’ plans, but found few allies in their attempts to stop their beloved girls from choosing male hormones and mutilation.

Brown University social-health researcher Lisa Littman dubbed the recent phenomenon of young women seeking sex-reassignment out of the blue as “rapid onset gender dysphoria” or ROGD. Like suicide, cutting, and bulimia, ROGD is a social contagion, albeit one that primarily affects girls. Unfortunately, ROGD – “and not necessarily its sufferers – gets full support from the medical community,” Shrier wrote.

“The standard for dealing with teens who assert they are transgender is ‘affirmative care’ – immediately granting the patient’s stated identity,” she continued.   View article →


There is no such thing as transgender  – John MacArthur video clip (H/T Elizabeth Prata)

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