3 Reasons Why Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad Is Incredibly Stupid And Degrading

“The vast majority of men are not rapists or harassers and were, prior to this past year, already staunchly opposed to both activities. There was nothing epiphanic or revolutionary about Me Too for us. To insinuate that we learned that rape and assault are bad, or that we needed to learn such a lesson, is patronizing in the extreme.”

(Matt Walsh – Daily Wire)  The fine folks at Gillette recently decided to take a break from peddling overpriced razors and instead focus on insulting their entire customer base. Presumably taking the advice of a marketing agency staffed exclusively by pink-haired feminists, Gillette released an ad this week which encourages men to stop raping and bullying and doing all of the other things that men will inevitably do until their shaving cream tells them not to.

(Watch the video on the site)

The video, which has racked up an impressive 313 thousand dislikes on YouTube, opens with various scenes of men and boys doing various obnoxious and awful things. It is implied that we men have excused these behaviors by shrugging and muttering “boys will be boys.” The ad makes this point very subtly, by showing a line of men saying “boys will be boys” in unison as they watch two other boys fight.

But then! “Something finally changed,” the narrator tells us. “There will be no going back,” we are assured. What changed? The Me Too movement. This, according to Gillette, was the seminal moment when men realized that they aren’t supposed to rape, assault, harass, or bully. We learned to “act the right way.” Though, the narrator allows, “some already are.” Then we are shown various examples of men doing really basic, human things, like encouraging their children and breaking up fights.

Feminists love the ad and apparently cannot understand why so many men have reacted negatively to it. I thought I would help them out by offering a mansplaination: View article →