On Eve Of Headlining March For Life, Shapiro Goes Full-Bore Targeting Abortion

Bream noted that she had covered the March for Life for years, and her perception was that the participants had gotten younger and younger as young women viewed 3D and 4D ultrasounds and saw their babies in utero. She commented, “It seems to be reaching young people in a different way.”

(Daily Wire – video of the interview provided)  On Fox News with host Shannon Bream Thursday night, on the eve of the March for Life, Daily Wire Editor-in–Chief Ben Shapiro, who is headlining the event, pulled no punches as he slammed pro-choicers who insist that life does not begin at conception, took apart the idea that abortions before 20 weeks were tolerable because babies might not feel pain, and dismissed the claim of Democrats who complained the pro-life movement was partisan by snapping, “That’s a bunch of c – – p … They marginalize every pro-life voice on the Democratic side of the aisle.” He fired, “What’s the pro-life movement supposed to do with that? Ask Nancy Pelosi to keynote?”

Bream began the discussion by noting that the theme of the March for Life this year is, “Unique from day one: pro-life is pro-science.” Turning to Shapiro, Bream said, “Not everyone thinks so.” Bream continued by citing a Media Matters article titled, “Anti-Abortion Groups Will Claim Science Is On Their side … Media Shouldn’t Let Them.” She also cited an article from Stat News that wrote, “As the March for Life approaches, anti-abortion leaders are rebranding as ‘Pro-science.’ Scientists say otherwise.”

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