Beth Moore Joins Liberals in Falsely Condemning Boys Who ‘Taunted’ Indigenous People

In a piece we posted earlier, Here’s What You Need To Know About The Confrontation Between Covington Catholic Students And Native American Protesters, Emily Zanotti of Daily Wire lays out what really happened when a group of Native American protesters claimed they were harassed and intimidated by a group of Catholic High School students who were waiting for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial. Taking it a step further, Reformation Charlotte castigates popular Bible teacher, speaker and author Beth Moore for a tweet that went out from her when she heard about the brouhaha: 

It’s been widely reported by hundreds of media outlets that a group of Catholic boys who attended the March for Life in Washington, DC Saturday stopped at an adjacent event to “taunt” some indigenous people while “wearing MAGA hats” and chanting “build that wall.”

Condemned all over media, it was said that these boys were there gleefully acting racist while a group of poor Native Americans were just there to assemble for their rights.

What does Beth Moore do? As she usually does, she jumps on the liberal bandwagon of condemnation to further the common progressive evangelical agenda of “hating Trump” and pushing the fabricated narrative of “white privilege,” “white supremacy,” “nationalism,” and “xenophobia.”

“To glee in dehumanizing any person,” she parrots. Blah Blah Blah. The comments that followed this thread were full of indignation towards these children.

But, what really happened? Who really started it? What the liberal media aren’t telling you, and Beth Moore is too stupid to understand, is that this “Indigenous People’s March” wasn’t a peaceful event at all. In fact, the instigators of this little outburst was actually a group of Black Hebrew Iraelites. View article →


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