Days After Enshrining ‘Right’ to Kill Preborn, NY Governor Signs Bill Making ‘Gender Identity’ Offenses ‘Hate Crime’

“Mental health professionals who assist youth who may be struggling with temptations toward the same sex or who feel that they identify as the opposite sex will be considered to have engaged in “professional misconduct,” and may face penalties from their licensing entity that may include censure and reprimand, suspension of their license, the requirement to receive training and education, fines or a complete loss of their license.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network)  Just days after enshrining in New York law the “right” for mothers to have their unborn children murdered, and in some cases, even up until birth, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now signed two new bills into law: …

The Gender Expression NonDiscrimination Act (GENDA) makes criminal offenses on the basis of “gender identity” a hate crime and also prohibits discrimination in housing and employment. A separate bill prohibits mental health professionals from counseling youth to turn from homosexuality and transgenderism, but does not apply when children are counseled in “acceptance [and] support” of such lifestyles.

Saying “God bless you” to various individuals who have been behind the cause, who were cheered and applauded by those in attendance at the signing on Friday, Cuomo told those gathered at the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan that the legislation he has signed in recent days puts forward a “different set of social values than what we see in Washington.”

“They say in Washington, ‘We’re going to appoint Supreme Court justices who can roll back Roe v. Wade, because we want to take us back 47 years ago …’ We say, ‘No. No. You want to take us back, we’re going forward. We’re going to pass a woman’s right to choose and put it into the law,’” he declared. “And I want a constitutional amendment so that no legislature or governor can change it.”  View article →


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