JD Greear Calls Greed Equally Sinful as Homosexuality & Same-Sex Attraction

“The Bible makes it clear that there are different types and degrees of sin and that God looks upon sin in this manner; which Pastor Greear fails to point out when he equivocates homosexuality and SSA attraction as being to equal to other sins.”

(Richard Haas)  This past Sunday on January 27, 2019 Pastor, JD Greear of Summit Life Church, preached a sermon entitled How the Fall Affects Us All. In this hour and a half sermon, Pastor Greear addresses the topic of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Attraction (SSA). This sermon is part of his series, The Book of Romans. In this sermon, he is addressing Romans 1:24-32, which he purely mishandles and misappropriates.

In fairness, I want to mention this caveat, JD Greear in his sermon does mention the need for being “born again through Christ,” and that one cannot be a Christian without a rebirth of the heart through Christ. However, there are some major difficulties with some of the equivocations Pastor Greear makes in his sermon. The first being on the degrees of sin God contributes to homosexuality and SSA. At about forty-eight minutes into his sermon, Pastor Greear makes the blunder of stating SSA attraction is “no worse sin than others.” How can a Pastor that is preaching through the book of Romans say this? Especially when the opening chapters in Romans deals with what God calls and thinks about homosexuality and SSA.  View article →


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