JD Greear Says Abuse Victims Need to Bypass the Church, Go Seek Secular Help First

“Does Greear really believe that these victims are going to find lasting comfort outside the walls of a Bible-believing body of saints? Does he really believe that secular words on a government hotline are going to speak spiritual wisdom into a hurting soul better than the Words of Christ preached in a God-honoring church?” 

(Reformation Charlotte)  The Southern Baptist president has certainly made a name for himself in recent days. After preaching a sermon calling on Christians to stand up for LGBT rights — since the Bible apparently just “whispers” about the sin of sexual immorality — a report detailing numerous sexual abuse scandals over a period of 20 years in Southern Baptist churches was published. In the wake of this report, JD Greear, in his own words, was “broken over what was revealed.”

Of course, claiming that the Bible only “whispers” about sexual sin, then being “broken” over sexual sin, seems, for lack of a better way of putting it, sanctimonious.

Greear, a major player in the “woke” social justice movement spearheaded by The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is a favorite among the New Calvinist cheer-leading squad, drawing applause for pretty much any public statement or appearance he makes.

Honestly, it wasn’t until these last few weeks that I actually realized just how incompetent this man was as a religious — Christian — leader.  View article →