Gay Priest at Ravi Zacharias Event: Jesus Had Dysphoria, Body Issues

Allberry makes the case that the warrior, King David, was effeminate. He claims that the Bible says David was beautiful in a feminine way, and because he wrote poetry, David likely had some gender identity issues.

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Ravi Zacharias hosted Sam Alberry yesterday, who spoke at the event to explain “How To Know Your Gender.” The answer was not as simple as, “Do a DNA test.” …

Alberry, the gay Anglican priest, is an editor and writer for The Gospel Coalition, an organization run by Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, HB Charles – all speakers at John MacArthur’s upcoming Shepherd’s Conference. In the talk, Allberry claimed that Jesus suffered from dysphoria and used Isaiah 53 to claim that – like transgender people – Jesus had “body issues.”

Allberry, who identifies as a gay Christian on some occasions and on other occasions does not (it seems to depend on his audience), is a favorite expert on Church-Sodomite relations and is promoted not only by The Gospel Coalition but also by the ERLC and other leftist-progressive groups. Allberry spoke at the ERLC encouraging Southern Baptists to redefine the nuclear family to include “non-traditional families,” and he has also used his platform at TGC to promote single homosexuals adopting children so they won’t be lonelyView article →


How Can I Know My Gender? – Sam Allberry presentation, RZIM conference

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