Witchcraft, Lies and Football

Gisele wrote in a recent Instagram post, “Words have power. If love and kindness lie behind these words, they become charged with positivity and can have a magical effect. But if thoughts and words arise from anger or jealousy, they can do a lot of damage….”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  So Tom Brady says his wife is a witch and her rituals helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

But she’s a “good witch, “ Brady laughingly told the media. There’s actually no such thing and Brady’s reckless ignorance will now help promote witchcraft and sorcery to an American public that’s already confused enough.

According to Brady, Gisele Bundchen, his supermodel wife, devises rituals for him with miniature altars, special stones, a magic potion, and repeated mantras to bring about the Patriots’ gridiron successes.

Astrology is also in there somewhere, which makes one wonder why, if she’s got all this supernatural power, Gisele didn’t warn Bob Kraft in advance about engaging the services of prostitutes. The Patriots’ owner was recently arrested in Florida.

Football’s star couple will now unfortunately help advance witch public relations down the field in America.

Whatever works – right?

No, not right. Let’s never forget what people who engage in such superstition  are doing. Even “good witches” have dismissed Almighty God in a quest for unlimited power and control to direct life circumstances, even if it involves incomprehensible forces. View article →