Time To Expose the Radical Gender Ideology

The madness here is simply endless. Not only are more and more children being sucked up into this, but those who try to offer some sanity here – including biological sanity – are being penalised and punished for daring to do so. And now we have a major new growth industry: detransitioning, where those with sex-change regret seek to reverse what they have had done to themselves.

(Bill Muehlenberg – Cultural Warch)  The times they are a changin’, as Bob Dylan once crooned. No question about that. I have seen plenty of major changes during the course of my rather short lifetime. The world a century ago looked far, far different than it does today.

While things like homosexuality and the like certainly existed back then, they were nowhere near promoted, endorsed, encouraged and elevated like they are today throughout the West. We now live in a completely different sexual, social and moral landscape. Someone who died a century ago and came back to life today simply would not recognise the place.

And one can see a very clear progression here. As we began tampering with heterosexual marriage and the nuclear family some 60 or more years ago, we saw one thing after another not just legalised but normalised and celebrated. Cohabitation, homosexuality, and now the transgender revolution have all followed in turn. One is rightly fearful to ask, “Just what will be next?”

The gender bender revolution is certainly the latest manifestation of all this, and it is as socially radical as it is new. Just five years ago almost nobody was talking about things like ‘gender dysphoria’. Hardly a soul would even imagine that one’s birth sex was merely a social construct and something to simply be wished away.

Indeed, up until recently, if a man said that he identifies as a woman and demands to be treated accordingly, he would have been laughed at at best, or perhaps even committed at worst – for his own good, and that of the rest of society. But now the trans agenda has utterly exploded all over the West.  View article →



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