LDS Church, de-emphasizing those three letters, unveils a new internet address with more changes on the way

The title should be “LDS Cult” because that’s what the organization is. This cult is hoping to re-imagine itself by de-emphasizing “LDS” and “Mormon” and calling itself the “Church of Jesus Christ.” But that doesn’t change the fact that Mormonism is not in any way shape or form a Christian organization as it falsely claims, for the reason that Mormons reject the deity of Christ! They also reject the doctrine of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three separate gods, say Mormons) and teach that Jesus was the first born son of Heavenly Father (Elohim) and Heavenly Mother. Mormons also believe that Jesus was the spirit brother of Lucifer, the second born son of the heavenly couple. Now to the article over at The Salt Lake City Tribune:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continued its move away from the monikers “Mormon” and “LDS” on Tuesday by introducing its new web address.

The church’s homepage is shifting from to News from the Utah-based faith will be found at, intended for outsiders, will be incorporated eventually into the new domain as well, stated a news release, but merging it with the member-focused ChurchofJesusChrist.orgwill take more time.

The faith plans to unify all these websites into a new, more cohesive and personalized experience under the domain, the release added. Until that time, is now

Last year, church President Russell M. Nelson urged members, media, scholars and the public at large to cease using “Mormon” and “LDS” as shortened nicknames for the faith and its members.  View article →



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