ICE now detaining 50,000 in all-time high, and yet Congress continues to oppose POTUS Trump’s emergency declaration

“So the Northern Triangle governments have said to us – they will say to you – ‘please send us our children back. We want them reunited with our families and communities here.’”

(Jon Dougherty – The National Sentinel)  The number of people being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reached an all-time high of 50,000 as migrants from Central America and Mexico continue to stream towards the United States, deepening the humanitarian crisis.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified to a Democrat-controlled House this week that the federal government and, specifically, her border agencies, are fast running out of resources to deal with the rising numbers of migrants as well as space to detain them. But while some Republicans offered encouraging or sympathetic words, Democrats seemed unfazed.

In reporting the latest figures provided by the government, The Daily Beast reported:

It’s an increase of approximately 2,000 people in the month-plus since Jan. 30, when ICE, it previously told The Daily Beast, was detaining 48,088 people. And it’s just another 2,000 people shy of the 52,000-person daily detentions ICE is asking Congress to fund in its next budget.  View article →