Why God Hates The Occult…

“The Occult is the breaking of the first two of the ten commandments of God, for we are to have “no other God’s before ” Him, and we are not to fashion out of our Imagination, how we choose to see who God is.”

(Bill Randles)  When God set up a theocracy, He very strictly warned and threatened against any who would ever touch the occult. There was a death penalty for those who participated in any form of the dark practices of the pagans.

The various occult practices were considered to be abominable to the LORD, and so also were the practitioners. Both the sin and the sinner were and are considered utterly detestable to the Holy God. …

It was to be eradicated from Israel, completely rooted out and eliminated. Anyone sympathetic with it was to be tried and executed, for trafficking in the Occult was treated as a special kind of treason in the Kingdom of God being established in Israel.

What was it about the occult, that provoked such a strong warning in so many places in the scripture?

The practices listed in the above scripture, when translated into modern terms, would be the equivalent of modern practices such as abortion, hypnotism, astrology, augury, omen reading, necromancy, spell casting, seeking spiritual direction through natural phenomenon….

These practices pretty much all have this in common, they are examples of people seeking power or knowledge or both, for the purposes of control, through spirituality other than faith in God.

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