A House Divided

What if such a war broke out today, as Dennis Prager imagines? For starters, and it is on their agenda, progressives would have to get rid of the Constitution and/or appoint six radical Supreme Court Justices. For Christians the response cannot be the war of the States but the war as conducted by Jesus and Paul.” 

(Peter Jones – truthxchange)  Respected Jewish commentator Dennis Prager has just made a stunningly bellicose judgment about American culture:

America is currently fighting its second Civil War…There will be unity only when the left vanquishes the right or the right vanquishes the left. Using the First Civil War analogy, American unity was achieved only after the South was vanquished and slavery was abolished.

He notes the current culture’s deep divide in all the important areas of human life. “Like the left in every other country, the left in America essentially sees America as a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, warmongering, money-worshipping, moronically religious nation … [and]seeks to erase America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.” He concludes: “Without any important value held in common, how can there be unity between left and non-left? Obviously, there cannot.” As another author puts it, “we are expected to adapt unquestioningly to bizarre cultural changes like the celebration of ‘gender fluidity,’ abortion, infanticide, 11-year-old drag queens [and the normalization of prostitution]. It is assumed as a given that we must force girls to use ‘non-gender specific’ bathrooms, to reward victimhood, and to demonize ‘toxic masculinity’ and law-abiding citizens. And intense pressure is on us to embrace the destruction of our borders– and to forfeit our right of self-defense.”[2]Well-known Sheriff David Clarke charges progressivism with a constant attempt “to destroy the bedrock institutions of Western culture, such as religion, schools, family, capitalism, businesses, law and order, the Constitution including the First and Second Amendment, and the rule of law.”[3]

Are there other reasons why an intelligent and balanced scholar like Prager would come to such a worrisome conclusion?  View article →