‘Angelically-Guided Energy Healing’ Leader Claims Planet Overpopulated, ‘It’s Not Okay for Women to Have Babies’

Lynn McGonagill, Lightworkers Healing Method

“Sometime in the most recent overnight, Pan and his crews have packed up a number of crates of things, and the crates are sealed, and we are supposed to deliver them up to Ra with the label ‘To Ra: extreme biohazard, data from the deeper, denser dimensions.’”

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network)  A bizarre video that was posted to YouTube last year but is currently making the rounds on social media features two New Age women stating that the earth is already too populated, and that women should “cut off the baby factories” such as by obtaining an abortion as “we don’t need any more humans.”

The video is of mother-daughter duo Lynn and Jamie McGonagill, who are behind the “Lightworkers Healing Method” and “The Angelic Initiative,” which seeks to reach into the “deeper denser dimensions” in their “search for truth” about life and one’s “soul plans.”

“The Lightworkers Healing Method is a system of angelically-guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul’s life purpose,” it states on the organization’s website. “It improves the present by working with higher-dimension guides, angels, and lightbeings, as well as both our past and future lives, in a unique and powerful process.”

The McGonagills are often seen in their videos reaching up into the air as if trying to sense something. According to an explanation on YouTube, the women believe that they are working with their “intuitive channels.”

“Because gravity is real, intuitive channels fall down when we don’t hold them up. We are repeatedly lifting up our intuitive channels so they get out of the soup of confusion, fear, and untruth that is rampant in human society. We do this so we can hear God,” the McGonagills claim.

Lynn McGonagill often repeats the questions “For who is the message? Why do you ask?” as she raises her hands, and Jamie McGonagill is frequently heard affirming her mother’s assertions with the statement “That’s true.” View article →


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