The Gay Christian Ministry Changing the Face of the Evangelical Church

“Living Out has imported a serious error into the Evangelical Church, one that denies the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ on a multi-faceted level. That is, they teach that sexual-orientation is something that most people are stuck with, even after salvation.”

(Reformation Charlotte)   Jesus ate with homosexuals, so we should be accepting of them. That is the argument of the progressive gay militant propaganda machine that historically the Church found so absurd that it received little attention inside the ranks of orthodoxy. …

What the Church has failed at, however, is preparing for an inside assault on biblical theology and defending against intrusive militant gays that have infiltrated not only the pews, but the pulpits. When we look at the landscape of the Evangelical Church today, one cannot deny that it is radically different than it used to be.

Today, the attack on biblical orthodoxy is not from the typical atheists, feminists, and homosexuals you would typically see at women’s marches and pride parades — it’s from various ministries within the ranks of the Church that are shifting the paradigm with gay propaganda masquerading as Christian thought. The subtle changes slowly introduced into mainstream Evangelicalism are hardly recognized and any objection to them are generally met with fierce opposition.  View article →


Sam Allberry

The Gay Agenda