Most Evangelical Leaders Have No Idea How the Gospel Works

“Homosexuality is a sin. Lust, even when not physically acted upon, is a sinful desire of the heart. It must be confronted with the gospel, and the gospel cannot be compromised. But these men are worried that we’re going to lose people in the Church if we don’t “soften our tone” or become more tolerant of homosexuals.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  The Evangelical-Industrial Complex has long departed the historic and Biblical Christian faith and exchanged it for a system of emperors who have nothing better to do than to build and protect their own kingdoms….

This can’t be better displayed than in the modern visible Church. The gospel has become nothing more than meaningless platitude upon which to garner an audience to pitch their latest sales to.

How the Church presents itself to the culture is invaluable as it is nothing more than a mere presentation of customer service to a base of largely unregenerate consumers. Evangelicalism has a product to sell and that product needs to be presentable to the largest base of buyers possible. It is, in a sense, a growing industry niche.  View article →


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