The LGBT Lobby Has Been Trying To Exact Revenge On A Chicken Restaurant For Seven Years. This Is Not Normal.

“I have often said that the LGBT lobby is the biggest bully in America. This is why. It is not just that their activists are aggressive, and often underhanded and deceitful — like when they seek out Christian business owners to entrap and sue — but that they are so unbelievably petty and vengeful. The militant gay left will not let any perceived slight go unpunished, no matter how long it takes to exact revenge. They require that every person conform to their expectations, and any outliers must be neutralized, at whatever cost, no matter how long it takes.”

(Matt Walsh – Daily Wire)  San Jose, California’s city council is focused on the important issue. In response to a new Chick-fil-A establishment opening near the city’s airport, the council has officially passed a resolution to fly rainbow flags near the restaurant….

What is the point of this effort? Other than to give folks some colorful scenery when they’re waiting in the drive-through for a delicious chicken sandwich, I suppose the idea is just to troll the fast food joint in retribution for comments made by the company’s founder in 2012.

It has been seven years since Dan Cathy affirmed biblical marriage in an interview. Seven years. Almost a decade. And yet the LGBT lobby has not yet dropped the matter. Against all odds, they have remained obsessed with the chicken chain for these 80 or so months. Just recently, Chick-fil-A locations were blocked from opening at airports in Buffalo and San Antonio. Protests are still waged. Gay rights activists are still writing angry think pieces. We still are told that eating a Chick-fil-A chicken nugget is an act of bigotry against homosexuals. The chicken itself is labeled “hateful.” All, again, because of views expressed by Dan Cathy during Obama’s first term in office. View article →