The Facts of Transgender Ideology Can No Longer Be Ignored

“These children being administered cross-sex hormones are losing their ability to be fruitful and multiply. Instead the grave permanent effects of this type of hormone therapy is sterility. You read that right! The girl loses her ability to produce eggs and the boy loses his ability to produce sperm.”

(Pulpit & Pen)   One need only take the pulse of online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to realize that Transgenderism is an ideology.

The narrative that’s running rampant across social media is that transgenderism is a civil rights issue and those who speak out against it are to be silenced. Those who are refusing to be silenced are called bigots and haters, and in some cases are temporarily or permanently banned from these online platforms.

Pulpit & Pen is one of those who have seen their posts speaking against the lies of transgenderism banned from Facebook and those who posted it are temporarily banned as well.

The specifics of what Facebook bans can be found herehere, and here.

Transgender ideology has its own doctrine – yes that’s right – it’s a system of corrupted teachings that’s aim is more than supposedly securing the individual’s right to live in the body they ‘feel’ they belong in.

This ideology goes beyond the lie being perpetuated that a person can be a ‘girl trapped in the body of a boy’ and visa-versa, ‘a boy trapped in the body of a girl.’ Transgender ideological ideas and ideals are bent on transforming the next generation of youths into mutant, non-reproductive adults.  View article →


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