What We Should Expect From The Release Of The Full Mueller Report

“The collusion theory that was used to undermine the administration of the duly elected president and justify breaking every norm against him resulted in not a single indictment against an American for colluding with Russia.”

(Mollie Hemingway – The Federalist)   Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is expected to be made public early this week. The big special counsel news already occurred last month when Attorney General William Barr announced Mueller ended his investigation without a single American — much less a single American tied to President Donald Trump — being indicted for collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

The news followed years of media coverage claiming Trump was an agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin and had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. That conspiracy theory led first to widespread spying on the Trump campaign using overseas intelligence assets and a variety of electronic surveillance.

Following Trump’s election, weaponized leaks from intelligence officials ramped up. Eventually it led to a no-holds-barred and no-expense-spared special counsel investigation of Trump and his campaign affiliates. The lack of indictments for the ostensible reason for the investigation was profoundly deflating — and embarrassing — for the Resistance and its media leaders.

Relatively few people will read the nearly 400-page special counsel report. Many will cherry-pick information to support their current opposition to the president. Here’s what is reasonable to expect from it.  View article →