Bethel and their ‘apostolic grave-sucking culture’ still continues

“Why would Jansen be proud to receive an ‘impartation’ from William Branham, the man responsible for helping birth one of the worst doomsday cults on the planet, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people at Jonestown?”

(Chhurcwatch Central)  ‘Grave-sucking, or ‘grave-soaking’, is a process by which someone lays on the grave of a deceased Christian in order to absorb their mantle or anointing.’ According to Apostle Bill Johnson’s wife Beni Johnson, grave-sucking is ‘what I do’. (See Photo of Beni on the site)

In other words, this occultic practice is promoted from the top down, not from the bottom up.

Recently a post demonstrating ‘grave-sucking’ was put up on Facebook by Jeff Jansen and we are aware that Apostle Bill Johnson has worked alongside the apostolic ministry of Jeff Jansen for over a decade. What makes them both so dangerous is that they believe in a false pneumatology of the Holy Spirit. For instance, in 2008 Jansen and Johnson were advertised on the NAR Elijah List group:

“Abba Loves You! Supernatural Equipping for Fathering the Glory Generation

Prophetic Conference with Bill Johnson, Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, Georgian Banov, Jeff Jansen, and worship with David Ruis

Father’s Day weekend June 12-14 Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, CA”

Source: [Archive]

If Bill Johnson and Jeff Jansen are equipping the ‘Glory Generation’, then (according to Bob Jones’ theology) they are ‘end-time apostles’ equipping a generation to be ‘gods in human flesh’ to judge, conquer and take over the world for the glory of God. And according to Bill Johnson, Jansen has a solid grasp of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God…  View article →


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