Baptist Theologian Says Christians Against Homosexuality Guilty of ‘Selective Literalism’

“The selective accusation from Gushee is no doubt tied to the old LGBTQ canard that because Christians view the Ceremonial Laws of the Old Testament (like circumcision or kosher diet) to be abrogated that the Moral Laws (like the type that forbid sodomy) must be discarded as well. In reality, Christians have had this interpretation of Ceremonial Law abrogation and Moral Law continuance since at least Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council and it’s certainly nothing new to the LGBT debate.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Pete Buttigieg is a sodomite who is running for president in the Democratic primary. Late last week, after Buttigieg called himself a ‘gay Christian,’ Franklin Graham made waves for telling him that homosexuality was something to repent for, not to be proud of. Since then, Graham has received constant criticism for his remarks from leftist Christians….

Yesterday, Pulpit & Pen covered a Jesuit priest who accused Graham of being too literal. Today, it’s Baptist theologian, David Gushee, who says that the evangelist is being too literal.

David Gushee, who is a professor of Christian ethics (LOL) at Mercer University opined on the tweets from Graham, calling homosexuality sinful. Gushee, who changed his mind on the sinfulness of sodomy in 2014 and wrote a book defending the gross practice entitled Changing Our Mind, then began to defend the notion of a “gay Christian.”

Gushee recently appeared on CNN with Don Lemon (a sodomite who plans to get “married”) to explain the “Baptist view” on why Franklin Graham’s comments are wrong.

“Well, I think what we’re talking about here is a long history of selective biblical literalism that takes certain passages or sentences, strands of the Bible, severs them from the heart and example of Jesus and ends up using that selective literalism to hurt people,” Gushee said. “It’s a long history of that from anti-Semitism to grotesque sexism, support for slavery, colonialism, segregation, even the exclusion of divorced people from the church, and right now, the main battleground is LGBTQ inclusion.”

Rather than deal with the Bible’s clear and repeated condemnations of homosexuality, Gushee simply brushes them aside by claiming that Christians are holding to ‘selective’ biblical literalism. We assume by ‘selective,’ the alternative is to believe none of the Bible, which seems closer to Gushee’s approach.  View article →



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