The Gay Christian: The Unicorn In Our Midst

If homosexual orientation could be included under “a strong pattern of temptation,” that pattern is not something God intends to leave in place. The “in-indwelling” Spirit is set on cleansing His children from “indwelling sin.” He also intends to use our faith and obedience to do it (Phil. 2:12-13). But where is the struggle with residual sin in the one who says he is a Christian, but who claims that his gay orientation is unchangeable?

(John Barber – The Aquila Report)  The question of the so-called gay Christian has been on my mind since my days as a student at Yale Divinity School, a campus abounding with LGBTQ people. I still recall the sexual promiscuity in the Divinity dorm rooms, the annual “Gay Lesbian Awareness Days” (G.L.A.D.) sponsored by the University, and more.

Still, it was a conversation with a lesbian student at the Divinity school that convinced me to “Pay attention to this issue.” After a brief exchange about whether or not a homosexual can be a Christian, she blurted out, “We’re going to change the churches. Give us 30 years, and it will happen.”

Some 30 years later, that revolution is taking shape. We see it in principally two ways. One, very aggressive in nature. The other, slow and intrusive. Let’s take a look at both ways beginning with the overtly assertive approach.

No one example highlights the aggressive tactic of the LGBTQ agenda to infiltrate the evangelical churches better than the May 18th event at Northland Church in Orlando, Florida. Led by The Reformation Project, led by Matthew Vines—an avowed homosexual—the stated purpose of the event was to hold “a public conversation on how churches can be more inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ people in and around Orlando.”

To be clear, Vines does not wish to help those who struggle with homosexual temptation live a godly life. This would be a conversation worth having. Instead, Vines is a full-blown revisionist. His sinister spirit is exactly that of my former lesbian associate at Yale—the total restructuring of the historic, Christian ethic on homosexuality.

In keeping with Vines’ agenda, his pro-gay apologetic at the Northland gathering went unchecked. Without the senior pastor, Dr. Joel Hunter, repositioning the conversation according to the Bible, what were attendees to think? This is the truly shocking aspect of the Northland event. Pastor is the highest calling. The first job of any shepherd is to protect his sheep from wolves. Dr. Hunter went as far as to permit wolves unencumbered access to the fold. View article →


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