There is an Adult-Induced Perversion of Children Sweeping the Land, ‘Drag Kids’

“Lactatia” is a ten-year-old Drag kid.

The Canadian Press recently reported that the documentary “Drag Kids” had made its “debut at the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival” and you can be assured it’ll make its way to film screens across America.

(Cherie Vandermillen – Pulpit & Pen)  The lives of children are in grave danger.

There lives among us adults who are deviously working to pervert and sexualize children across America. The wickedness of these individuals cannot be overstated.

What is this Adult-Induced Perversion?

Drag Kids.

And while society is attempting to turn a blind eye and has a ways to go in fully coming to terms with the sobering truth that Drag Kids are a reality, we cannot do the same.

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