Controlling God

Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. Genesis 11:7

What is behind God’s actions here? Is He jealous of man? Is God threatened after all by this tower of mud and slime that these men have built? Does it mean that He is afraid that men will master all things and that He cannot any longer control them so that the very foundations of the universe will be threatened by these inventive ones? No. That is the way people want to read this. Forever we have been telling ourselves that we can do anything we want, if we want it badly enough! Therefore, we don’t need God; God is optional in human life.

It is true that God admits that humans can do things if they put their minds to them. They can do seemingly anything, but what about be? That is the question. You see, there is a fatal flaw in people’s thinking. What do they actually purpose or propose to do? The final answer is to glorify themselves—to be God, in other words. God knows that people are incapable of this; they are creatures. The very forces they think they can manipulate to accomplish their aims are forces that are part of their own lives that they did not make and upon which they continually depend. Therefore, human beings are incapable of being the gods they attempt to be. View article →