Is James MacDonald Planning a Comeback?

“Last week, Harvest’s elder board and church leadership team reported that Harvest’s mortgage lender had refused to allow the church to release any assets to MacDonald, including intellectual property, physical property, or cash. The board added that its lender’s decision nullified a previous separation agreement the church had signed with MacDonald.”

(Julie Roys)  Is recently-fired Harvest Bible Chapel founder, James MacDonald, planning a comeback?

Yesterday, Barry Bowen at The Christian Sentinel speculated that he is, noting that on March 13, Harvest Bible Chapel Attorney Chris Nudo registered a new non-profit, “Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald,” with the state of Illinois. Walk in the Word is MacDonald’s former radio and TV Bible teaching ministry, which used to broadcast daily to millions.

I went to the Illinois Secretary of State website and verified that the new corporation was indeed filed in March, listing Nudo as its agent. However, I talked with Chris Nudo and he denied having anything to do with “Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald.”

“It is not anything I endorsed or approved,” Nudo said. He added that he had just recently found out about the new entity and was in the process of dissolving it.

When I inquired as to how someone could start a new “Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald” and name him as an agent without his permission, Nudo said, “To know the mind of James MacDonald is to understand, ‘There are no limits or bounds to what I can do.’”  View article →


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