An Open heaven – opening up oneself to a strong delusion at Bethel Redding

“And it’s suddenly, like, clay or Play-Doh. And He starts molding it and shaping it, and I’m like, ‘Jesus, what is He doing? What’s He making? What is He making?’ And all of the sudden I see—He makes me! I’m there—on the table. And He reaches over; and He grabs this box and brings it over, and He sets me inside the box. And, you know those little jewelry boxes that little girls have; where you open it up and it plays music, and the little ballerina, like, twirls? Hello? Do you know what I’m talking about? (laughs) No? …”

(Mike Oppenheimer – Let US Reason)  We have seen these revivals over the last 25 plus years. It is more accurate to say it is revivalism – meaning, it hypes people up to think something spiritual is actually taking place when it is false doctrine and practices being introduced for them to believe and live by.

We have seen the rise of the seeker friendly models, the soft social gospel of Rick Warren added to the mix, the music revivalism of Hillsong. All the mystical movements have continued to increase as fires over the landscape of Christian churches have become a large blaze.

Now over the last many years it is Bethel under Bill Johnson spearheading a mystical Christianity. He is a man who has less than 0% discernment (in fact they change the meaning of discernment to be “changing the atmosphere.” Bethel has become the sweet spot for every trend tried and some new ones. It is the new Hybrid model for the church, combining new age practices (which they say were once Christian and they are now redeeming them) one of them is yoga.

These revivalists are fooling the whole Christian world with their synergism of new age with Christianity using occasional Bible words. It’s time we stand up for the word of God who is Jesus, Its time for the church to be what it was intended to be and not be changed by new age change agents touting their Gnosticism and Mysticism.

This is no longer a subtle change but bold and audacious one, and it has gone on far too long through the various false revivals. Only to find a more permanent home at Bethel among the naïve ungrounded youth that are inclined to feel more than to think biblically.

When you hear Jenn Johnson say the Holy Spirit to her is like the Blue Genie of Aladdin, he’s fun, sneaky, silly; (on at least 3 occasions) when He is holy there is something seriously wrong with both her and with the pastor bringing no correction to his own daughter saying this.   View article →


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