Policy analyst on falling birth rates: Rhetoric from the left contributing to ‘change in norms’

“What I do think we need to be talking about as a society though is how do we ensure that young women and young families are thinking a career doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to have a family.”

(Anna Hopkins – Fox News)   In response to new statistics revealing the United States has hit its lowest birth rate in 32 years, Independent Women’s Forum senior policy analyst Patrice Onwuka argued that rhetoric from the political left is contributing to women rethinking the decision to have children.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning, Onwuka also discussed the changes in cultural norms which have discouraged women from having children and the impact that may have on our economy.

“Women are considering when, how and even if they want to give birth,” she said, while highlighting the positive side that many more women are seeking higher education and fulfilling career paths.

“Unfortunately I think the latest trend we are seeing is the question of whether women should even have children. I think we heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ask is it even ethical for young people to be talking about having children because of climate change,” she continued.  View article →