Here’s Why Millennials Are Having Huge Problems

“The only moral rule that we follow in this culture is if it feels good to do it. You see this expressed in how we treat sex, in just a hookup culture rather than a more “traditional” culture. You see it in how we approach our free time. What do people do in their free time? They play video games and they watch porn and that is the definition of if it feels good do it.”

(Michael Knowles – Daily Wire)  According to the Global Millennial Survey, 52 percent of millennials said that earning a high salary was a top priority and 48 percent of millennials don’t care about earning a high salary….

Why not? The charitable view is well we’re just not attached to stuff, we don’t need your corporate structure. I think a more realistic view is millennials are kind of lazy. It’s just socialism — why would you work hard if you’re not going to get that much more out of it? Why would you say, I’d be willing to settle for an okay salary if I don’t have to work hard? The people who build things, the people who do great things and the people who really succeed at the top, they all work super hard. They’re not willing to settle. In terms of money, if they make a hundred thousand dollars a year, they want to make a million dollars a year.

Some people if they make a hundred thousand dollars a year, they say okay cool I’m going to only work this hard for the rest of my life — great. But people who really build things and work really hard, they’ll say no I want more. Even if they don’t get more, a hundred thousand dollars is a great salary, but they say no I’m going to work even harder. The people that I’ve met who are really succeeding at the top of their game — the ones who have made a ton of money or have gotten super famous or have been really effective in politics — the one thing I notice about all of them is they are working all the time; they are workhorses. View article →