Presbyterian Church in America Central Carolina Presbytery Denounces Revoice Conference

“It’s great that the presbytery has taken a stand against this homosexual invasion, however, another group that’s not far behind in the same agenda is the ministry, Living Out. Living Out, led by Sam Allberry is an author at The Gospel Coalition and a regular speaker in Evangelical circles.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  The Revoice Conference is a coalition of gay “Christians” who collude annually to prop up their status as outspoken homosexuals and promote the gay agenda of full acceptance and inclusion in the ranks of churches in America….

Led by gay activists such as Nate Collins and Preston Sprinkle, the Conference promotes an identity of “gay” while committing to a life of non-penetratory “celibacy.” After all, other forms of same-sex intimacy are acceptable within the movement.

After much backlash, the Conference, which as been hosted at Presbyterian (PCA) churches, has been denounced by the denomination. In a 16-page essay, the Central Carolina Presbytery, with notable members such as Kevin DeYoung, Bill Barclay, and Blair Smith, decried the Conference as not having been “careful enough with their labels, their theology, and their relational advice.”  View article →



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