Disney, Netflix and More Might Not Make Movies in Georgia Because of Its Pro-Life Legislation

“This also shows Disney to be an outright traitor that shows no respect for the state and its culture.”

(Wayne Dupree – LifeZette)   So let me get this straight: The company that built its brand and business model off children is now promoting the killing of children — and if you don’t kill more of them, they will stop doing business with you.

These people are sick and need to be shamed into the poorhouse, in my view.

What was the 2018 cumulative spending in Georgia by the five companies that are now threatening to pull business out of Georgia?

Does the list of 100 actors who are threatening to boycott the state include any who said they’d move out of the U.S. if Donald Trump became president?

Companies are doing more and more to control us. They are threatening Georgia in an attempt to control that state’s policies.

Aren’t the people who live in that state — not some outsider — supposed to decide what’s right for them?  View article →



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