Exodus: Netflix Has Already Lost $41,800 After New Petition Urges Christians to Cancel

“Not only has Netflix warned it will look to discontinue funding if the “heartbeat bill” comes into effect next year, but it has also vowed to join foreces with the ACLU and mount a legal challenge against the new law.”

Has a mass exodus of Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus already begun? The reaction to a new petition would certainly make it appear that way.

A petition launched yesterday that was only up for mere hours before Netflix alone lost $41,800, with Hulu and Disney Plus suffering another $20,000 in losses. Both numbers represent estimated annual losses based on the “Money lost per month” total on the petition website.

As of Wednesday, the numbers are up to:

Netflix — $114,000. Hulu — $34,000 Disney Plus — $16,500

After these streaming giants announced that they would consider pulling investment from the state of Georgia following the passing of a sweeping abortion ban, many pro-lifers have decided to pull the plug on their subscriptions. View article →


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