CEOs From 180 Companies, Including Twitter And H&M, Pen Letter Opposing State Abortion Laws

“For starters, the statement made — that without abortion, businesses will find the health, independence and economic stability of their employees threatened — seems to imply that work-life balance is outdated, and that the CEOs and their respective companies don’t value the idea of employees having a family.”

(Emily Zanotti – Daily Wire)  CEOs from 180 companies signed on to a full-page ad in The New York Times released Monday, claiming recent restrictive abortion laws passed in states like Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri are “bad for business.”

The list of CEOs includes Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (though, after his name, he lists his other company, payment processor, Square) as well as the heads of Postmates, Slack, Yelp, H&M, and Tinder, as well as a handful of fashion designers and Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The letter claims that “it’s time for companies to stand up for reproductive health care,” and that restricting abortion is “bad for business,” though the letter makes no real connection between the availability of abortion and the business climate of a particular state. Instead, they claim restricting “reproductive freedom” is “against our values.”    View article →


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