SEBTS Secretly Scrubs Website of Critical Race Theory

“It does not seem that SEBTS or SBC leadership is capable or willing to publicly repudiate the ideologies that it seems they only now are beginning to understand, even if they’re careful to scrub their websites or walk back their rhetoric in social media.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  BREAKING… Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, which is the ‘woke’ epicenter of Southern Baptist life, just secretly scrubbed its website of material explicitly promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT). After widespread criticism that the SBC adopted a resolution in favor of CRT, written about in publications like Pulpit & Pen and The Federalist, it seems that SEBTS has decided to reel back a bit on their overt promotion of the Marxist ideology, deciding instead to take it underground.

Thankfully, material flushed down the proverbial ‘memory hole’ in 2019 is more easily retrievable than in Orwell’s 1984. The Wayback Machine and screenshots have allowed us to document the scrubbing.

The chief promoter of CRT at SEBTS, and therefore, Southern Baptist life, is the Social Justice institution at the seminary known as the Department of Kingdom Diversity. Most egregiously, the institution has been promoting the work of 21st century heretic and racial incendiary, James Cone, who is the father of Black Liberation Theology.  View article →


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