Pope Francis unleashes his inner pagan in Pan-Amazonian document laying foundation for ‘new’ Christianity

“The document is fraught with references to “Mother Earth” while touting a “New Pentecost” based on the “diversity of religion and culture” in the Amazon region of South America that Francis sees as a template for the world.”

(Leo Hohmann)  Pope Francis has released the preparatory document for the Vatican’s upcoming Pan-Amazonian Synod in October, and it contains yet another window into the pope’s green-friendly worldview in which he subtlety and deceptively turns traditional, biblical Christianity on its head.

You will recall that just a couple of months ago a group of more than 30 Catholic scholars and clergy signed an open letter to the bishops, pleading that they hold the pope accountable for his anti-Christian, anti-Catholic teachings with regard to marriage, moral teaching, etc. They declared him guilty of at least seven heresies.

The Pan-Amazonian document, titled Instumentum Laboris, will do nothing to assuage the fears of these 30-plus brave Catholic leaders. It’s classic Francis, peppered with radical political ideas cloaked in religious verbiage and lovingly promoted as “ecotheology.”

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