Living Out – A Follow-Up and Call to Further Action

“Have all the objectionable resources that were exposed in your articles been removed from Living Out during the audit?  Answer: NO. Only two resources were removed and all of the resources quoted from the section above are presently live on their website. Although I trust that an audit is being carried out, this reckless and unbiblical teaching remains unedited for people to follow. (It is important to clarify that Sam Allberry does not have the sole authority to remove these resources.)” 

The above quote was taken from a June 6 piece written by Tom Buck. A few days ago I checked his blog over at Alpha & Omega Ministries to see if he had written a second follow-up. Nothing yet.

Many people are unaware of the controversy that erupted over some of the articles posted on Living Out (LO), a website owned by three professing Christians who experience same-sex attraction (SSA), namely Sam Allberry, Sean Doherty and Ed Shaw.  According to LO’s site, these men have a desire to “bring out into the open the questions and dilemmas that gay Christians can often face.”

In May of 2018 LO Tweeted to their many followers that they supported the 2018 Revoice Conference:

And for our US followers, there is of course the event coming up in July which we highly recommend!

Conservative Christians took issue with this recommendation for the reason that the Revoice founders promote an unbiblical view of homosexuality. So LO deleted the Tweet.

Curious about the sort of “help” LO offers people who struggle with SSA, Tom Buck visited the site. While perusing the articles, he came across several that he found “profoundly unbiblical.” In March of this year he penned a 4 part blog post to share the disturbing advice he found on the site. The series is well worth the read, as Tom reveals some of the unbiblical theology both Revoice and LO hold.

So with this  backdrop in place, here’s the 5th article by Tom Buck, this time calling for “further action” from Sam Allberry. He writes:

On March 25, I began a series of articles that addressed concerns with the ministry of Living Out ( part 1part 2part 3 part 4). Over the course of four days, I revealed multiple resources at the Living Out website that were deeply troubling and profoundly unbiblical.

I initially became aware of Living Out as a result of being introduced to the writings of Sam Allberry – one of the founding leaders of the ministry.[1] I had no reason to be suspicious of Living Out, because much of what I had read or heard from Allberry had been essentially sound and consistent with Scripture’s teaching. In addition, the website was officially endorsed by respected leaders such as ERLC President Russell Moore, who wrote, “These resources are anchored to biblical conviction.”[2] Unfortunately, I discovered that this was simply untrue.

The Problems Revealed

As I began to examine the resources at the Living Out website, I discovered that many of them were not “anchored to biblical conviction.” Some of the teaching included the following:  View article →


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