Can We Slow The Speeding ‘Trans’ Train?

“Once upon a time, when children were confused about gender, doctors adopted a “watchful waiting” protocol, knowing that the child’s confusion might be caused by trauma, unresolved emotional issues, other developmental struggles or family problems. There was reluctance to rush into prescribing puberty blockers to be followed by opposite sex hormones and then, mutilating surgery, all severe treatments with lifetime implications.” 

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  I have a dream.

In my dream, hundreds of parents, doctors, counselors, and pastors are protesting outside children’s hospitals throughout America.

They keep protesting, not just for one day, but for months.

They march in front of Lurie Children’s in Chicago, Boston Children’s, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital, Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Cincinnati Children’s, Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and unfortunately, many, many others.

Through faces of anguish, outrage and determination, the spirit of truth prevails. They carry signs with messages like these:

  • “Stop mutilating young bodies!”
  • “Your white coats hide black hearts!”
  • “Gender ‘change’ is impossible! Stop the abuse!”
  • “Keep Big Pharma hormones out of my child’s body!”
  • “Malpractice suits ahead– stop the gender train!”

I dream of siblings who will bravely carry placards reading, “You took my sister away. She’s not my brother!” and other signs offered by furious de-transitioners: “I want my body back!”  View article →


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